Wednesday, September 9, 2009  4:15 PM

Rhys' teachers' day gifts...

So fast... 1 year liao...
Dun really know what to give. Ended up with 2 choices... Post-it pads or notebooks.
Wanted to use my new toy, Zutter for this so only limited to this 2 choices.

At first, wanted to do notebooks but the tot of cutting all the blank papers for the book itself already puts me off.
Plus I am not sure if I have enuff time to complete 12 notebooks in such a short time!

And ta-dah! The mighty help from SB club had saved me once again!
One mummy suggested to buy those memo pads that are already pre-cut for the notebooks. And wah lah... settled.

The next few days was spent cutting, sticking and stamping. Glad that it turns out ok lah. Hope the teachers will like it lor...

Hmm... nothing new used here except for my Zutter of coz. Got to use the chipboards which I bot long ago by mistake and my new stamps!

Die! Next year do what?? sigh...

Sunday, September 6, 2009  10:29 AM

{ LO#14 - Family }

Finally completed this LO. I think I have started this LO since July? Actually already completed everything by then but left the journaling which I told hubby to think.
This guy simply put it on hold or say no inspiration and so this LO has been lying on my scrap desk for SOO.. long....

Until I cannot take it anymore, decided to put in my lousy english instead of waiting for him.

Like this LO a lot coz the color combi is something different.
I must admit this is a scrap-lift from a mag but still i like it. hee...

Got to use my brand new stamp (I love it!!!) and my new punch!

"Our first photoshoot as a '2+1' family. Was a tiring task coz need to constantly keep Rhys interested and happie! But it was fun too! And I just love the photos we took.... (when can we try that again?)"

Monday, August 10, 2009  4:03 PM

{ LO#13 - Samuel }

Today is public holiday so ended up at home in the day.
When Rhys took his nap, I started to find something to do.
I do have a lot of things to do but most impt one? A small little present for Samuel's bdae coming soon.

Actually wanted to do a shadowbox for him ever since I saw his photos from his photography session. But after printing out the photo, no mojo.

Only until now, I have decided to complete it. As the shadowbox is 9x9", I try to make the LO as simple as possible and the focus should be on the photograph instead.

The interesting part of this LO is that I get to FINALLY do some detail cutting withOUT banging my head against the wall. Reason: A super expensive small scissors by Carl.
It worked miracle and there I have, my 2 beautiful butterflies!
To add some interest in it, I have sticked the bigger butterfly on the LO in the shadowbox and the smaller butterfly is sticked to the glass panel of the shadowbox.

Last part is easy coz I have done it before. Stamp some swirls in the glass panel for deco and adding thickers for his name.
Wahla, completed just in time when Rhys woke up from his nap.
The timing is perfect!
Now just got to hope that Simon, Jane and Samuel will love this small little gift from my heart.

Sunday, August 9, 2009  3:44 PM

{ Album#01 - Perfect Papa }

Yeah! I made it! hee... my very 1st mini scrapbook album.
I made this specially for the birthday of the man I love so much.

Always wanted to make an album but too lazy to start.
This time, in less than 5 days, I decided to make one for hubby's birthday (8 Aug).

Started off slow, just picking the right photos to include already took 1+ day.
Then need to choose the right paper based on their colors.
And the biggest challenge of the album is to deco on the acrylic cover.
Most ppl just use the acrylic cover as protection so no need to deco, but I liked the transparency of it so wanted to do something different.
Aiyo... first thing is how to glue pp on acrylic without seeing the glue marks.
I had to use glossy accents to stick but it was so ugly. Ended up got to put "pearls" one by one to cover up. Hmm... turn out acceptable lah.

It was fun. I get to play with Zutter, my new toy and that sense of achievement after completing the album was GREAT! Oh, the box that contains the album is made by following a template of a gift box. Heng never throw away... I cannot imagine that it is just the right size for the album.

Although in the end, i can't finished it in time on his bdae but managed to give him the next day.
So glad that he likes it.

Hmm... what is the next album project??

Tuesday, May 5, 2009  4:44 PM

{ LO#12 - Father & Son }

This is for Moments Recorded Challenge #08.
The challenge sounds quite fun so decided to give it a try. Has been some time since I last participated in MR Challenge.
The challenge is that we are not supposed to use any pattern papers (for once, no nid to choose paper like siao...) except for 1 cardstock as base.
Then must use rub-ons (which I never use before!), stickers and stamping (just nice, I just bot quite a few ink pads)...
Maybe becoz there is no nid to pick pattern paper to coordinate, so I actually managed to complete this LO within a day... hee... so happy.
On top of that, I get to play with my new stash...
- Used my BN Grid stamp from Unity Stamp. Like the effect a lot.
Actually this one got some error lah. I wanted to do clear embossing for the grid so used the watermark ink first but ended up too slow and so decided to stamp my BN Staz-on timber brown ink instead and applied my BN Super fine clear embossing powder. Nice effect!

- Used my favorite swirl stamps and also added some dewdrops for highlighting. Love it!!!

- Used my new Heidi Swapp giant flowers. Looks just nice!

- Used rub-ons which I never used before. Wow... I loved it! So easy and my Basic Grey rub-on applicator works so well!!! I am going to get MORE RUB-ONS!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009  2:26 PM

{ LO#11 - Liyang & Lifen (Shadowbox) }

Finally completed my 1st project, a shadow box for my good friends, Liyang and Lifen.
Always wanted to try out different types of project besides normal flat LO so when Liyang got married, 1st thing I thot of is to do up a shadowbox for them as a wedding gift.
Unfortunately, I delayed for so long just to ask Liyang for some nice pix.
And right after receiving their photos, realized that they are all so pretty!
Which one to choose?? Aiyo...
Finally decided to use more than one pix coz they are too pretty to exclude them..
Then came the problem of arranging them coz they are too many.

After deciding on the photos, the main colors are confirmed.
All along wanted to use the "Man and Woman" signs, inspired by Ming's.
But realized that it is SOOOO difficult to make the dress for the woman.
Love the final look of it... hee... and so happy that I have the same color ribbon for the dress just like what Lifen has wore in the photos.
Well, the man was also difficult. At first used a ribbon as a tie like what Ming did but hubby say machiam like hanging the man like that... so in the end, decided to use buttons as eh... buttons...
Turn out ok to me... at least dun look like hanging can liao... hee....

Oh, btw, the names are actually foamies which I die-cut out.
I also coated it with Stickles which looked much nicer. Too bad that it is not caught by the camera.

One of the surprising part of this project is that I got to try out stamping using Staz-on Opaque ink on GLASS! At first tried on transparencies and it looked completely mesmerizing!!!
A bit disappointed though when the pink ink turn out to be much darker compared to stamping on transparencies...
Still, I am happy coz now I know the wonderful effect of stamping opaque ink on clear surfaces. And I got to use the expensive Prima Bulid-A-Swirl stamp set. Was actually a bit regretted after buying it coz it is quite ex but now, so glad that I bot it... so pretti!!!

Now I can finally work on other LOs liao... stuck on this project for so long...
Hope that Liyang and Lifen will like this wedding gift with love....

Friday, March 6, 2009  7:09 PM

{ LO#10 - "Mama, I want to be PINK ranger!"

Yeah! I actually managed to do another LO within this month... hee... So proud of myself...
I really love these photos of Rhys and ShianQing posing as Power Rangers... therefore I told myself that die die also MUST scrap for these photos.

As there are quite a few photos and I simply refused to reject any of them, I did have some problems trying to position them but in the end, set for the filmstrip concept.
I am quite happy with the look of the filmstrip after some practices done with the puncher.
Initially I was a bit regretful on buying the puncher from Justina coz I am thinking of getting the Zutter which can also punch holes like that. But now, after using it, not too bad lah...

The details on the title took me the most time and effort for this LO coz all are cut out by QK dies and my cuttlebug. Had some problems cutting them using cuttlebug as it was not clean cut at first. After several try out, finally got it to work. Was quite happy with the outcome.
Lastly is the embellishments. Can't find anything suitable except for the brad stars but still felt that something is missing... hmm... what do you all think??