Sunday, April 19, 2009  2:26 PM

{ LO#11 - Liyang & Lifen (Shadowbox) }

Finally completed my 1st project, a shadow box for my good friends, Liyang and Lifen.
Always wanted to try out different types of project besides normal flat LO so when Liyang got married, 1st thing I thot of is to do up a shadowbox for them as a wedding gift.
Unfortunately, I delayed for so long just to ask Liyang for some nice pix.
And right after receiving their photos, realized that they are all so pretty!
Which one to choose?? Aiyo...
Finally decided to use more than one pix coz they are too pretty to exclude them..
Then came the problem of arranging them coz they are too many.

After deciding on the photos, the main colors are confirmed.
All along wanted to use the "Man and Woman" signs, inspired by Ming's.
But realized that it is SOOOO difficult to make the dress for the woman.
Love the final look of it... hee... and so happy that I have the same color ribbon for the dress just like what Lifen has wore in the photos.
Well, the man was also difficult. At first used a ribbon as a tie like what Ming did but hubby say machiam like hanging the man like that... so in the end, decided to use buttons as eh... buttons...
Turn out ok to me... at least dun look like hanging can liao... hee....

Oh, btw, the names are actually foamies which I die-cut out.
I also coated it with Stickles which looked much nicer. Too bad that it is not caught by the camera.

One of the surprising part of this project is that I got to try out stamping using Staz-on Opaque ink on GLASS! At first tried on transparencies and it looked completely mesmerizing!!!
A bit disappointed though when the pink ink turn out to be much darker compared to stamping on transparencies...
Still, I am happy coz now I know the wonderful effect of stamping opaque ink on clear surfaces. And I got to use the expensive Prima Bulid-A-Swirl stamp set. Was actually a bit regretted after buying it coz it is quite ex but now, so glad that I bot it... so pretti!!!

Now I can finally work on other LOs liao... stuck on this project for so long...
Hope that Liyang and Lifen will like this wedding gift with love....