Monday, August 10, 2009  4:03 PM

{ LO#13 - Samuel }

Today is public holiday so ended up at home in the day.
When Rhys took his nap, I started to find something to do.
I do have a lot of things to do but most impt one? A small little present for Samuel's bdae coming soon.

Actually wanted to do a shadowbox for him ever since I saw his photos from his photography session. But after printing out the photo, no mojo.

Only until now, I have decided to complete it. As the shadowbox is 9x9", I try to make the LO as simple as possible and the focus should be on the photograph instead.

The interesting part of this LO is that I get to FINALLY do some detail cutting withOUT banging my head against the wall. Reason: A super expensive small scissors by Carl.
It worked miracle and there I have, my 2 beautiful butterflies!
To add some interest in it, I have sticked the bigger butterfly on the LO in the shadowbox and the smaller butterfly is sticked to the glass panel of the shadowbox.

Last part is easy coz I have done it before. Stamp some swirls in the glass panel for deco and adding thickers for his name.
Wahla, completed just in time when Rhys woke up from his nap.
The timing is perfect!
Now just got to hope that Simon, Jane and Samuel will love this small little gift from my heart.

Sunday, August 9, 2009  3:44 PM

{ Album#01 - Perfect Papa }

Yeah! I made it! hee... my very 1st mini scrapbook album.
I made this specially for the birthday of the man I love so much.

Always wanted to make an album but too lazy to start.
This time, in less than 5 days, I decided to make one for hubby's birthday (8 Aug).

Started off slow, just picking the right photos to include already took 1+ day.
Then need to choose the right paper based on their colors.
And the biggest challenge of the album is to deco on the acrylic cover.
Most ppl just use the acrylic cover as protection so no need to deco, but I liked the transparency of it so wanted to do something different.
Aiyo... first thing is how to glue pp on acrylic without seeing the glue marks.
I had to use glossy accents to stick but it was so ugly. Ended up got to put "pearls" one by one to cover up. Hmm... turn out acceptable lah.

It was fun. I get to play with Zutter, my new toy and that sense of achievement after completing the album was GREAT! Oh, the box that contains the album is made by following a template of a gift box. Heng never throw away... I cannot imagine that it is just the right size for the album.

Although in the end, i can't finished it in time on his bdae but managed to give him the next day.
So glad that he likes it.

Hmm... what is the next album project??