Wednesday, September 9, 2009  4:15 PM

Rhys' teachers' day gifts...

So fast... 1 year liao...
Dun really know what to give. Ended up with 2 choices... Post-it pads or notebooks.
Wanted to use my new toy, Zutter for this so only limited to this 2 choices.

At first, wanted to do notebooks but the tot of cutting all the blank papers for the book itself already puts me off.
Plus I am not sure if I have enuff time to complete 12 notebooks in such a short time!

And ta-dah! The mighty help from SB club had saved me once again!
One mummy suggested to buy those memo pads that are already pre-cut for the notebooks. And wah lah... settled.

The next few days was spent cutting, sticking and stamping. Glad that it turns out ok lah. Hope the teachers will like it lor...

Hmm... nothing new used here except for my Zutter of coz. Got to use the chipboards which I bot long ago by mistake and my new stamps!

Die! Next year do what?? sigh...

Sunday, September 6, 2009  10:29 AM

{ LO#14 - Family }

Finally completed this LO. I think I have started this LO since July? Actually already completed everything by then but left the journaling which I told hubby to think.
This guy simply put it on hold or say no inspiration and so this LO has been lying on my scrap desk for SOO.. long....

Until I cannot take it anymore, decided to put in my lousy english instead of waiting for him.

Like this LO a lot coz the color combi is something different.
I must admit this is a scrap-lift from a mag but still i like it. hee...

Got to use my brand new stamp (I love it!!!) and my new punch!

"Our first photoshoot as a '2+1' family. Was a tiring task coz need to constantly keep Rhys interested and happie! But it was fun too! And I just love the photos we took.... (when can we try that again?)"