Saturday, September 20, 2008  10:06 PM

{ LO#04 - Heads Up! }

Wah.. this LO took really long to complete.
I actually did the basics (trimming and positioning of the photos) since 29 July!!!
But was stuck there coz simply cannot think of a good title for it.
Luckily for me, the SMH SB club ladies gave me a hand after I shouted out for help.
And as easy as it is, they suggested the title "Heads Up!" and I loved it.

After that, still stuck coz I dun have any nice alphas to be used as the title coz my LO is 6"by6".
Hate doing 6"x6" coz NO SPACE!!!
Ordered and bot some QK alphas but some not arrived, some too big...

Then finally got bot over by JDA's boss, and bot the Alpha of the month August on 29 August...The AccuCut, Friendz font... it's cute and the cool part of it is that it can cut 3 ways... just the letter, the background and the frame. Although $120 is quite ex but just cannot resist the 3 ways of using the same fonts!! If I buy similar shadow fonts from QK will cost me few hundreds!!!

And after using it on revo, I love it even more!!! :)

Seeing that the LO still very plain, decided to use the Stickles to shimmer it up and glad that I did it... (Thanks to the ladies in the SB club for introducing me the Stickles) I used it to shimmer the plain vellum flower and on the flourish QK....

Love the effects of it...
Here's some close ups of the LO...